Who we are

We are regulated broker according to Aswaq.Today standards. We are authorized to:

  • reception and transmission of orders in relation to one or more financial instruments,
  • execution of Orders on Behalf of Clients,

License for Ancillary Services:

Safekeeping and administration of financial instruments, including custodianship and related services. Granting credits or loans to one or more financial instruments, where the firm granting the credit or loan is involved in the transaction. Foreign exchange services where these are connected to the provision of investment services.

We are proud to serve to novice and experienced traders. Our goal is offer you the best trading environment around you, providing with the latest technology and a constant support by highly specialized professionals. All accounts are STP with direct access to market quotes (No Dealing Deask - NDD, no market making, no requotes).There is no conflict of interest with investors.



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