ASWAQ.TODAY is a leading provider of online currency trading in the global Forex Trading market. We offer over 32 different Forex crosses and some of the most competitive spreads available. Through simplicity, reliability, accuracy, and knowledge, we are able to offer you the best trading experience in the industry.

Simplicity in Trading

Your ability to make successful trades often depends on your understanding of the trading platform. Our trading software is simple, secure, and easy to master.

Reliability of Service

At ASWAQ.TODAY, we understand how important it is to have a broker on whom you can rely. We pride ourselves on the quality of our services, bringing you the most innovative products and first-class support.

Accuracy in Spreads

In currency trading, rates fluctuate in milliseconds. Therefore, having access to accurate feeds that reflect those constant changes is essential to your trading success. ASWAQ.TODAY receives over 1000 currency quotes every second, which are then processed into single, precise rates for our customers to use in their Forex trading.

Trading Commodities with ASWAQ.TODAY

Why Trade Commodities?

The ability to Trade commodities has been round for a while but it is now experiencing a growth in popularity as more people begin to find that commodity trading is a great way to build their investment portfolios and that it can also be very profitable. Individuals that are interested in commodities trading need to first find an online broker and a trading platform such as ASWAQ.TODAY where they can trade. A superb platform like ASWAQ.TODAY can make a huge difference in how you do your trading and how well you do it. The key to successfully trading commodities is understanding the market and also knowing when best to trade or hold your commodities, your online broker and platform can help you work out when it is best to trade and understand where the price action is going.

So why is the commodity market becoming so popular and why should you trade a commodity online? To begin with the advent of high speed internet connections makes online trading easy for trading commodities, which by definition are “something of value that can be traded on a large scale” This means that trading a commodity in the traditional sense of the word (taking delivery of the commodity) is actually impossible. Popular commodities refer to items like oil, natural gas, soybeans, gold, spices, and other goods that are not actually taken delivery of by the trader. Gold trading online is a very popular form of this type of trading. It allows investors to partake in online gold trading which can be very profitable if they are on the right side of the market.

The Benefits of Trading Stocks with ASWAQ.TODAY

At ASWAQ.TODAY you have the opportunity to trade several of the most successful and well-known companies in the world. A selection of the companies traded are; Microsoft, Google, J.P. Morgan, Facebook, Exxon, Amazon, Apple and Boeing.

Follow up the your successful forex trading by leveraging your forex strategies to accomplish very fast trades on both long and short position trades. All the tools that you have been using in trading currencies are available to you to trade some of the most liquid shares in the stock market today. Our 24 hour support in conjunction with our award winning trading platform will give you more opportunity to make trading profits on stocks.

As an online broker ASWAQ.TODAY gives you the chance to trade many of the most influential and popular shares in the stock markets today. If you have previously tried our unique trading platform and traded forex with a certain amount of success, you can gain benefit from the flexibility of the platform and leverage your achievements by trading stocks. When you know what you are doing Stock trading can be most profitable.

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